School Library :

The school provides an ideal atmosphere for Library. The school has a collection of more than 5000 books under various categories. Through the variety of collection of books and magazines the students can expand their educational horizon and may hold a better perception of the present day world. Apart from this the students may take reference books of their choice for their home use on subjects for in depth studies.

Laboratory :

R.A.M.A. has got three (3) Science labs with commensurate equipments and apparatus for practical teaching of science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. This increases their knowledge and interest about the subjects more.

Computer :

Now-a days 'Computer' is part and parcel of attaining closer link with the outside world and keeping this in mind R.A.M.A provides computer classes from Nursery onwards. We have exceptionally good computer workshop with trained faculty. During practical classes we provide ample opportunity to the child to handle the machine.

Audio Visual Learning :

Apart from imparting textual education we are keen towards updating our students with more interactive methods of education through interactive CDs and educational softwares. For facilitating this process R.A.M.A. has set up its fully loaded AV room for the students.

Dedicated Staff :

R.A.M.A. is having its team of qualified and dedicated staff who with their dexterity and experience are trying to give all round education to the learner's . Corporal punishments and rude behaviours are completely banned in the school campus. Teachers here are encouraged to practise the virtues of patience , love ,compassion which we believe are very necessary tools to shape up a child.

Individual Care :

The management of R.A.M.A. strictly is against crowded classrooms with 70-80 students .The student Teacher ratio here is 30:1 which is moderate enough for individual attention and care.

Fun Park and Play Ground :

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy", abiding this proverb R.A.M.A. provides the students with an amusement park and play ground overall area about one bigha, where they can enjoy to their hearts content. The park has got provision for swimming pool, built up swings, see saw etc. We deeply feel this will open the gates of children for adaptation of techniques which will result in for his/ her physical and mental development.

Extra Curricular Activities :

We have a well defined programme of co-curricular activities for all round development of the students which includes- Yoga, aerobics, karate, volley ball, basket ball, cricket, football, creative writing, quiz, debate, recitation, extempore, public speaking, declamation, community services, dance, painting, craft works etc.